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Chainsaw Safety & Sharpening

Thursday, February 18, 2010 - 7:00 pm

Chainsaw trainingWe will be hosting an information/training session on sharpening your chainsaw and safe chainsaw practices. We’ll do some theory and classroom work first then we’ll get down to sharpening and tuning saws. We’ll have cardboard down so bring your saw into the clubhouse so you can follow along with the presentation.

What to bring?

  • your chainsaw
  • a round file (for your size chain)
  • a flat file
  • safety glasses and gloves
  • some cash in case you want to buy some tools

Not sure what you need?
If you’re not sure which file you need for your chain, or if your files are getting old, bring some money as Savoy Equipment will be supplying an assortment of kits for purchase. A high quality
German/Swiss/Swedish-made kit complete with round file, flat file, file handles, filing guide and instructions costs between $20-30.